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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Homemade Treats & Online Shopping - 98th Avenue Blog

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Homemade Treats & Online Shopping

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Covid 19 has created a conundrum for people in Bothell, Washington, and all over the country about the holidays this year: gather together with family and friends and risk contracting the virus or stay at home and miss out on all the traditions we've come to know and love? This is the year to create new traditions by staying home in your 98th Avenue apartment to celebrate Thanksgiving with a wonderful meal followed by online Black Friday shopping.

Cooking Tips and Recipes

Surprise your family this year with an over-the-top decadent Southern Thanksgiving dinner with a deep-fried turkeySouthern-style dressing, and sweet potato casserole. A deep-fried turkey is a Southern tradition in many states. Make your cornbread for the dressing in a cast-iron skillet to give it that authentic Southern taste. Brown sugar and pecans contrast deliciously with the sweet potatoes. Revise the recipe to fit your household size, and you'll be good to go. Just remember to make enough for leftovers so you can be feasting and celebrating at home over the long holiday weekend. To purchase the groceries for this meal, check out PCC Community Markets.

Safety In the Kitchen

It's always important to play it safe in the kitchen, but especially now when we all need to avoid hospitals. One of the first safety measures in deep frying a turkey is to move it all outside of the kitchen. Be sure to keep the fryer away from any wooden structure, especially decks and trees. If you are incorporating little ones into the cooking, be sure to educate them on the proper way to carry a knife and to stay away from the hot surfaces.


Online Black Friday Shopping

Stores abound around Fairway Flats, but this year, cuddle up in pajamas and a blanket and do your shopping from the safety and comfort of your couch. Mill Creek Town Center is described as one street with endless experiences and has many stores offering deals on shipping and curbside pickup. The fashionista on your list will love a gift from the Marlowe Boutique, which also offers curbside pick-up and delivery.

2020 has been a hard year for everyone, and a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration will brighten your spirits. You won't even have to leave 98th Avenue Apartments to do so. Just prepare your own meal with some delicious new recipes and tackle that Christmas shopping from your couch.

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