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Spruce Up Your 98th Avenue Apartment: Renter Friendly Edition

Even though you may not have the freedom to make significant changes to your apartment at 98th Avenue, plenty of renter-friendly solutions and apartment trends can help you make your rental unique and inviting. By making these small changes, you can quickly spruce up your rental with some renter-friendly hacks without making any permanent alterations.…

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Hosting Your Friends this Summer and During a Heatwave

Spending time with loved ones is crucial, so do it whenever you can. Such a chance arises throughout the summer when the heat wave occurs. Inviting your friends and family over to your apartment is a fantastic renter-friendly hack to develop closer relationships and ties. How to Make the Most Indoors this summer All you'll…

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Vibrant Summer Colors to Add into Your 98th Avenue Apartments

If you have been looking for fun summer activities to do with your friends, you can start with customizing your home to fit the summer vibe! Make your space a cozy oasis that even your guests can bask in the refreshing atmosphere. You can personalize your house by using these easy and fun renter-friendly hacks.…

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