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98th Avenue
Brand New Apartments in downtown Bothell, WA

Spruce Up Your 98th Avenue Apartment: Renter Friendly Edition

Spruce Up Your 98th Avenue Apartment: Renter Friendly Edition

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Even though you may not have the freedom to make significant changes to your apartment at 98th Avenue, plenty of renter-friendly solutions and apartment trends can help you make your rental unique and inviting. By making these small changes, you can quickly spruce up your rental with some renter-friendly hacks without making any permanent alterations.

Additions For A Brighter Space

Adding new accessories is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to give your apartment an instant facelift. Items like:

  • Peel-Off Wallpaper: Artwork is one of the most accessible and affordable ways to decorate a rental apartment at 98th Avenue. Utilize wall art to add personality to an otherwise plain room. Peel-Off Wallpaper can also express your personality, art preferences, and creativity.
  • Lighting Fixtures: Good lighting is critical for creating a comfortable living space. Adding new lighting fixtures can help to bring in new vibes and make your apartment appear larger and brighter. Choose from curtains, blinds, or even light fixtures to enhance the room's overall ambiance.
  • Adding plants to your living space is an inexpensive but powerful way to transform an ordinary living space into a more inviting environment. Houseplants not only look great, but they can also help purify the air in your home and reduce stress.
  • Storage Shelves: Adding shelves to your space can add a touch of style and a place to put all your items. You are using storage shelves to display your favorite things or to store items that don't get much love.
  • Declutter and Organization: Decluttering your living space at 98th Avenue can dramatically affect new interior trends. Begin by sorting through everything in your apartment. This will help make it easier to organize and find what you need. With a few simple and renter-friendly hacks, you can make your space look better and more inviting.

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