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3 Activities Perfect for Couples in 98th Avenue Apartments

3 Activities Perfect for Couples in 98th Avenue Apartments

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These days, couples are often too busy to spend time with each other. From work commitments to individual social gatherings, alone time is often forgotten. Try these activities in your 98th Avenue apartment or out on the town this year.

Fun Things To Do at Home to Celebrate the Month

There are so many date ideas that couples could do at home. Try some of these ideas and activities in the comfort of your home. Scrapbooking can be fun for one of Valentine's Day activities a couple can do. You can take all the pictures you have of each other, get them printed, and put them in a scrapbook. It's the perfect time to be crafty and show off your creativity. Have a candlelit dinner at home. There's nothing more romantic than having dinner by candlelight. Have a couples board game night once a week. The two of you could play something or something more appropriate for adults.

Activities Near You

Fortunately, many Bothell activities have decent options for entertainment for two.

  • The Decibel Brewing Co is a fun place to visit as a couple. You can sample new craft beers and see live music every weekend.
  • Bothell Historical Museum offers history if you both are interested in learning more about the area's history. There are annual Petals on the River every Memorial Day.
  • If jumping around together is your idea of fun, a trampoline park called Elevated Sportz. You can host an event there as well.

Enjoy the Entertainment For Two Options

If staying home is more fun for you as a couple, know that you can still have a fancy, romantic date at home. If going out on the town is more exciting, there are plenty of Bothell activities for both of you to explore. Whichever you choose, there's always a good amount of Valentine's Day activities for both of you to enjoy.

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