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98th Avenue
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Prepping For Fall 2021 Apartment Decor

Prepping For Fall 2021 Apartment Decor at 98th Avenue

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When on the hunt for a new apartment, there are many factors that all need to add to your liking: community, flexibility, and the right amenities, for instance. At 98th Avenue, all the boxes are checked. Now all you need to do is to score some fall decor.

Our Favorite Fall 21' Trends

The 98th Avenue Apartments in Bothell, Washington, have what the average apartment living tenants want and need. With the fall season coming up, the urge to decorate for autumn might be top of mind for you. After all, scarecrows, pumpkin spice, and bonfires are sure signs that autumn is here!

How To Adapt These Trends for your Apartment

Following some tips from the Apartment Therapy site, this season might be easier to decorate with the fun and different ideas of infusing the season all over your apartment. This year, add those fun autumn accents that we all love to every room.

Setting out pumpkins or gourds on the private patio is a great way to spice up your outdoor area. Set up your pumpkin spice wax burner, grab a cup of your favorite cocoa from the coffee service that's available to the tenants, and enjoy the autumn air on your patio—what a relaxing way to spend a night after a long day at work.

For added fall fun, since 98th Avenue Apartments is pet-friendly, you can dress up your fur baby in their Halloween outfit for a walk to the pet station or to the close town of Bothell to shop or catch dinner.

Fall 2021 at 98th Avenue

Elevate your apartment living charm by adding fall decor to your apartment and spice things right up. Make your apartment the talk of the community with the pumpkins, fresh autumn colors, and a little Halloween spirit. We only get one shot at Fall 2021, so why not decorate your apartment with the season's spirit?

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