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Halloween in Bothell

    Halloween is going to be fantastic in 2020, if a little different. Halloween is on a Saturday, there will be a full moon, and people want to celebrate. Sure it’s 2020, so we need to social distance, wear masks of a different sort to help us stay safe, but we can still have…

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Health and Fitness at 98th Avenue

By eating healthy foods, working out, and improving your mental health, you can increase your quality of life. Staying at home can be a reason to learn new recipes and work toward an energized body. Use this newfound time as an opportunity to gain new skills.  How to Eat Healthy at Home  Cooking for yourself…

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A BOTHELL of Ice Cream

Summer is here and as temperatures rise we’re all going to be headed to get one thing, ice cream! Staying cool is the main objective during these summer months and as harsh as the heat can be, a cool sweet treat will surely suffice.   The Who’s Who? It’s the 21st century and ice cream…

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